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Wisconsin Supreme Court Accepts 5 New Cases, Announces Oral Arguments Schedule

On August 28th , the Wisconsin Supreme Court accepted 5 new cases. Of note: United America, LLC v. DOT (2018AP2383) involves a question of statutory interpretation for Wis. Stats. § 32.18, which allows landowners to bring damage claims even if land was not taken when DOT changes the grade of a street or highway. The debate centers on the meaning of “any damages to said lands.” The Court of Appeals held that nonstructural damages to private property was not compensable under the statute.

We wrote about other cases on the court’s docket here and here.

The court also released the oral arguments schedule for September 8, 11, and 14th. The court will hear a total of 8 cases during those dates.

Meanwhile, the court has still not released a decision about the legislature’s motion to intervene in Clean Wisconsin v. DNR or Kinnard Farms.