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Energy and Climate

Energy and Climate legislation in Wisconsin and at the Federal level

Climate change and energy policy are two of the biggest issues currently being debated at the federal level as Congress weighs pending climate change legislation and EPA begins drafting regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In Wisconsin, climate change and energy continue to be some of the biggest policy issues facing the state. During the 2009-10 legislative session, the Wisconsin Legislature considered comprehensive climate change legislation, called the “Clean Energy Jobs Act” (AB 649/SB 450). The legislation ultimately failed to pass, however, many of these policies will likely be reintroduced as separate legislation future sessions. The Great Lakes Legal Foundation will closely monitor all future energy and climate change related legislation and rules.

In addition to Wisconsin legislation, the Great Lakes Legal Foundation monitors energy and climate change legislation and regulation at the federal level. Below are links to state and federal energy and climate change regulations and legislation: