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Proposed Wisconsin 3-Year Vehicle Registration Option



Allows the owner of a fleet of vehicles up to 55,000 lbs. that operate intrastate to register all vehicles in the fleet for a 3-year period and have the same vehicle registration expiration date.


The DOT is responsible for promulgating an administrative rule prescribing allowable fleet size.




2009 Wis. Act 28 created s. 341.307, Stats., authorizing a registration option of 3 years for certain vehicle fleets.


Section 341.307(6), Stats., requires the Department to promulgate rules specifying the minimum number of vehicles that must be in a fleet for the fleet to be eligible for 3-year registration and establishing procedures for registration under the 3-year registration option.


Proposed Standard


This rule will clarify how statutory requirements will be applied to vehicles registered under s. 341.307, Stats., for a 3-year registration period.


The rule will also clarify how fleets registered under the 3-year registration option may comply with DOT policies and procedures relating to fleets of any size and registered under other registration periods available by law.


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