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WMC Files Motion for Clarification and Reconsideration in WMC v. Evers

The WMC Litigation Center filed a motion for clarification in the Wisconsin Supreme Court in the COVID-19 business blacklist case, WMC v. Tony Evers. WMC filed this lawsuit in 2020 to block the Evers administration’s planned release of confidential medical records that would publicly shame businesses whose employees tested positive for COVID-19, even though the records did not indicate whether the employees caught COVID-19 at work or elsewhere.

On June 7, the Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a 4–3 decision in this case, concluding that the Open Records Law prohibits WMC from pursuing this lawsuit. WMC filed a motion on Tuesday, asking the Supreme Court to fix some problematic statements that the Court of Appeals had made regarding medical privacy and taxpayers’ ability to sue the government.

Read full motion here.