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The Cases Still Before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Part II

On Monday, we listed all the cases still before the Wisconsin Supreme Court accepted before May 2020. Today we are looking at all the cases accepted after May and still on the docket for the next term.

  • Applegate-Bader Farm, LLC v. Wisconsin Department of Revenue, 2018AP001239.
    With a response brief due in August, this case asks whether Wisconsin state agencies need to consider indirect environmental effects when determining whether to issue an environmental impact statement (“EIS”) under Wis. Stat. § 1.11(2). GLLF previously blogged about this case’s potential importance.
  • Zignego v. Wis. Election Comm., 2019AP002397.
    A consolidation of two cases, this case has oral arguments scheduled for September. It involves a challenge to the Wisconsin Election Commission’s non-compliance with Wis. Stat. § 6.50(3), which requires a change in a voters’ status from “eligible” to “ineligible” upon a change of residency.
  • Anderson v. Town of Newbold, 2018AP000547.
    With briefing expected to begin this month, this case involves a challenge to a town’s use of subdivision authority to limit shoreline property rights. GLLF previously blogged about this case as well.
  • Christus Lutheran Church of Appleton v. Wisconsin Department of Transportation,  2018AP001114.
    With briefing to conclude this month, this case involves the appraisal of property taken by eminent domain and asks whether the Department of Transportation made an offer “based” “upon” the appraisal amount.
  • State v. Angel Mercado, 2018AP002419.
    With briefing almost finished, this case involves several questions about the legality of admitting forensic-interview videos of the victims into evidence at trial.
  • State v. Savage, 2019AP000090.
    With briefing nearly concluded, this case involves an ineffective assistance of counsel claim and a question of the evidence necessary to withdraw from a guilty plea.
  • State v. Loayza, 2018AP002066.
    With briefing expected to commence this month, this case involves the standard of evidence necessary to prove a conviction existed on a Wisconsin DOT driving record.
  • State v. Jensen, 2018AP001952.
    With briefing starting in August, this case involves a question about the continued validity of an ongoing case’s interpretation of testimony.